Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shortage Of Water May Be The Consequence Of Strategies For Global Warming

The debate has started over the topic that whether there is any possibility of water supply to be exposed to more danger through the policies being made for the cutting of the emissions as compared to the risks involved in the climate change.

Water resources of the United States may face immense pressure if for the reduction in the emissions of the greenhouse gas, biofuels is made the source. New researches have been done which showed that if bioenergy is going to be the source on which the entire policy depends, then unfortunately, the country would see a hike in the consumption of water by almost 42 percent.

The story has been issued in the journal of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America and the story was regarding the issues that could be faced due to the new policies made relying on the biofuels.

After the analysis which has been done, result came according to if the care is not taken and attention is not paid towards the water resources in case of the strategies regarding climate change, the consequence would be a rise in the degree and occurrence of the water shortfalls. There is a common insight that objective of the mitigation policy which the decrease in global warming but this is also going to be the cause of lessening in the shortages of water.

According to a renowned author, the outcomes we got from the research showed that there is a need to take water into consideration with great care when strategies are being made for any purpose. If it is prevented and reckless actions are taken, then the chances of such negative results to come would increase.

All of the results give an ultimate answer that due to the strategies of mitigation of climate change, supply of water would be enhanced and as a result an offset would be seen by the escalation in demand and then more stress on water would occur as a result of green policies compared to the climate change.

The strategy in actual does not mean that the emissions are reduced rather it is act of using the bioenergy crops which would generate the issue. A situation in which bioenergy was included at very low level, the demand for increase in water was only found to be 12 percent which was 42 percent in another scenario geothermal and nuclear energy were used as the main sources. But this energy also has benefits as it has been seen as the policy proved to be a less expensive one. A criticism over the bioenergy crops was that they could have left the space for the food crops to be used.

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