Saturday, December 19, 2015

Natural Gas Companies Are Partnering With Water Sector

Natural Gas Companies are making a progress to develop the association with the water industry as they are in need of large quantity of water. The water customers are going to get the benefits from such alliances if they are done successfully.

Those gas companies which are operating in the Utica shales and Marcellus are spending money on the extension of the public water lines in the rural region so that the provision of water can be made possible for the hydraulic fracturing of their wells. There is a requirement of millions of gallons of water for this purpose that is why they are looking to take this step forward. It is also going to be utilized for the building of the treatment plants.

Local communities that are against the fracking process say that during the period of such drought condition when there is scarcity of water, this is not a good option of using this huge amount of water by the gas companies in shales as it is going to be dangerous step.

AtmoWater AWS 100-Oil system is specially designed to work on remote rural areas, AWS systems are capable of supplying large amount of water for fracking without tapping local water sources. Management of AtmoWater believes that as communities are more aware of other alternative sources that are safe and eco friendly will appreciate and utilize services of Natural Gas Companies as its greatest source of employment and income for local communities.

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